Bike Undergarmets

Since becoming a full time bike commuter I have noticed that some undies work better than others for long rides. Austin based bike babe and entrepreneur Christiana Guzman has come up with an awe-inspiring solution: Super Cute Vintage Inspired looking Panties with hidden padding! This keeps the crotch happy while cycling and keeps the girl happy because the panties are so cute and her crotch and buttocks do not get chaffed! and I am proud to say that I am a kickstarter supporter and will be receiving both pairs: the Brigitte (I obviously love this name re: GigiYogini) and the Bettie.  Once I wear the panties I will review them, for now I am super grateful for the ingenuity and cheeky design.  <3 Thanks Christina and Urbanist <3

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BRILLIANT, I cannot wait to see what Urbanist comes up with next! …..more on Bike Booty Beauty here.

Cello Joe Rocking it at Oaklavia



Cello Joe with a Pedal Powered Sound System from Larken on Vimeo.

Cello Joe Rocks it out at Lake Merritt, Love The Lake, Oaklavia. It feels so much safer and more fun with out automobiles around the lake! More space for dance, music, bicycles of all shapes and sizes, culture, dog walking, and families. Cute Quote from a Dad and daughter who pull up and say, “Hey do you remember Cello Joe from when we ran into him playing in the city….This time he is dressed like a Wizard!”

Bike Theft is the Lowest Form of Crime

A couple of weeks ago the BLUE MUNDO got stolen out side of Paul’s house in the Mission. Fast forward to a few days ago when it was spotted in the back of a truck. The folks from RTB found it locked up and put on a few of their own U-LOCKS and returned the next day to pedal power an angle grinder to take off the lock from the theif. The video explains it the best, enjoy!


You know him. He is our friend, Fossil Fool aka Paul Freedman: Pedal-powered music
Paul Freedman is the Founder of Rock the Bike, which makes the only commercially available Fender Blender bike blenders and pedal-powered stage gear. He has designed and customized bicycle music systems since 2002.

Check out his TED TALK share it with friends and comment saying that you love it, since I know you do!



Hello Maker Faire – Maker Coordinators,

We’re interested in contacting Makers of human powered vehicles to participate in Ripon’s human powered vehicles only 4th of July Parade.
We know its short notice and apologize for the inconvenience.

We’re a small Central Valley town. As the crow flies, we’re about 60 miles east of Oakland near the junction of Highways 120 and 99.
Our goal is to bring some of the inventive and creative human powered vehicles we’ve seen at Maker Faire Bay Area to Ripon’s 4th of July Parade in order to stimulate the design, engineering and Maker juices of our community. Our parade is a dress up, walk, skate, pedal, push, or drive your human powered vehicle event for all ages to show off their 4th of July spirit and creativity. We’re giving away gift basket/certificates from local businesses as prizes for the best decorated and most creative vehicles. Winners will selected based on the number of text votes they get during the parade.

Last year was the first time we held this parade and we had over 300 local participants. Check out the parade video/oix at So, this year, we want to kick up a notch and bring in some unique human powered vehicles to show the local folks what can be done with a little time and design work to recycle items lying around their farm, barn or garage.

\We know gas isn’t cheap. So, we’re willing to cover transportation expenses to get Makers of human powered vehicles to come out East.

It would be great if you could put us in contact with a couple of Makers of human powered vehicles who are willing to spend a few hours, riding in, demonstrating, sharing their insights & experiences with our local community on the 4th of July. Local press will be covering the event. We’re also willing to offer booth space if desired.

Thank you for helping us to get Riponites to start thinking about how to build their own human powered vehicles!

Anthony V.
Ripon 4th of July Parade Committee

email: georgeanthonyv at gmail dot com

For everyone who has ever dreamt of traveling by bicycle, and for those who are already in love with the open road – at the bicycle touring lending library you will find all manner of paraphernalia for every touring cyclist from novice to advanced.

In addition to gear such as panniers, racks, pumps, bike tools, and camping gear, we have an extensive map library and can provide advice about routes, d.i.y. gear, bike repair, etc.

The touring library is open by appointment – please email for more information and a list of currently available gear.

We’re also currently seeking donations to build up the library- items can be donated for ever or just while you’re not using them. If you have bike touring gear gathering cobwebs under your bed, why not lend it out to a fellow traveler?

We can pick up donations anywhere in the Bay Area. Please email to donate!


Nora, librarian extraordinaire

Songbird, Lauren Larken, will perform in Bike Love from the branches of el Arbol at twilight on the first day of the Bay Area Maker Faire on Saturday, May 19th!

The day starts at Dolores Park with the famous Rock the Bike Rider Social Ride (RSVP HERE) to the Fair, blending smoothies with awesome kids at the Maker’s Faire on new kid sized bike blenders all day long and singing from an aerial hoop from El Arbol…right before Fossil Fool, the Bike Rapper, goes on!

El Arbol is famous. It is a Tandem Tall Bike Powered Speaker Aerial Vehicle. The story is here:  Listen to an awesome radio show about Rock the Bike, el Arbol, Fossil Fool (the bike raper), and bike powered awesomeness overcoming any odds.

At first, Officer Wilson, was giving Fossil Fool traffic violations for his huge awesome bike invention.  This is an awesome rap about how Fossil Fool fought for the rights of his bike tree el Arbol, a funky-quadracycle, 4 wheeled vehicle. This story tells us that if laws don’t apply to us in the road then we have the power to change the rules at any time. el Arbol is a great example of how exceeding the expectations for a given situationand using your voice is magical.  To roam the streets on a 15 foot tall tandem bike, San Fransisco officer, cop, police, and Harassment Free by showing up and proving in a court of law that your tall bike tree is a vehicle taller than a semi-truck…is awesome!

Fossil Fool’s here telling you the whole story, live on bike style in Barcelona Bike Music Festival.

Don’t forget to RSVP for the Ride, come to the Maker’s Faire! $5 off if you arrive by bike!

See you in the streets. See you next week!
<3 Bike Salon



[soundcloud url="" params="auto_play=true&show_artwork=true&color=9b00ff" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

Roll with Sarah car-free style in SF Sunday Streets and meet 3 year old Grace and full grown Bubble Girl.  As we cruise towards a conscious beauty movement we weigh in on what Congress can do to make certain that we have meaningful reform in the cosmetic industry now.  Some of the most toxic ingredients found on the shelves are:  hydroquinone and mercury which can increase your risk to cancer and multiple health problems including brain damage!  They are often found in skin lighteners which should be avoided!  A better way to lighten up is through pedal powered lighting which we learn to solder at Rock the Bike with Prof. Fossil Fool. Our bike powered LED lighting panels brighten the pedal powered DJ booth at the Academy of Sciences Nightlife Event where we chat with Shaun Tai about an albino crocodile and his personal bike style.