Songbird Makes Debut in el Arbol at the Maker’s Faire

Songbird, Lauren Larken, will perform in Bike Love from the branches of el Arbol at twilight on the first day of the Bay Area Maker Faire on Saturday, May 19th!

The day starts at Dolores Park with the famous Rock the Bike Rider Social Ride (RSVP HERE) to the Fair, blending smoothies with awesome kids at the Maker’s Faire on new kid sized bike blenders all day long and singing from an aerial hoop from El Arbol…right before Fossil Fool, the Bike Rapper, goes on!

El Arbol is famous. It is a Tandem Tall Bike Powered Speaker Aerial Vehicle. The story is here:  Listen to an awesome radio show about Rock the Bike, el Arbol, Fossil Fool (the bike raper), and bike powered awesomeness overcoming any odds.

At first, Officer Wilson, was giving Fossil Fool traffic violations for his huge awesome bike invention.  This is an awesome rap about how Fossil Fool fought for the rights of his bike tree el Arbol, a funky-quadracycle, 4 wheeled vehicle. This story tells us that if laws don’t apply to us in the road then we have the power to change the rules at any time. el Arbol is a great example of how exceeding the expectations for a given situationand using your voice is magical.  To roam the streets on a 15 foot tall tandem bike, San Fransisco officer, cop, police, and Harassment Free by showing up and proving in a court of law that your tall bike tree is a vehicle taller than a semi-truck…is awesome!

Fossil Fool’s here telling you the whole story, live on bike style in Barcelona Bike Music Festival.

Don’t forget to RSVP for the Ride, come to the Maker’s Faire! $5 off if you arrive by bike!

See you in the streets. See you next week!
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