Bike Salon

Bike Salon hosts experiences that empower women to choose bicycling as their main form of transportation. By mobilizing leaders in the community we create livable cities and sustainable culture.

Bike Dancing in Brooklyn with Heelz on Wheelz

Bike Love

Find everything you need to get inspired and get your bike crush on.

Opening up, starting with a clean slate

The key is to have many disguises, the ones pictured are from Kae Burke of Make Fun Studios and Xango Shola

Being able to adjust the way people view us immediately.



One view has Vanessa looking very subversive next thing you know she is sweet as strawberry pie and a pot of hot nettle tea.


Subversive Beauty Behavior?

Tell your Mom you learned it here.

We Love to Fix Things

4583_110256934551_790359551_2797705_7798512_n-1Get our hands dirty building bicycle powered helium balloon machines.


We put that special touch on things to help things sparkle.



we use power tools frequently


Using imagination to solve the world’s problems

make things from scratch whenever possible

wearing helmets

making instruments out of common place or unlikely ingredients and attach them to our bikes and start spontaneous bike parades


We are telling our stories

and creating our own fashion statements

and grooving to the music

always meeting new friends where ever we go

and carrying important cargo by bike

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